Fujitsu fi-6140Z Driver Support

Fujitsu fi-6140Z Driver Support

Fujitsu fi-6140Z Driver Support – The Fujitsu fi-6140Z record scanner accompanies duplex scanning paces of up to 120 pictures for every moment in shading, grayscale, and monochrome documents. The Fujitsu fi-6140Z report scanner has joined turn-around roller innovation, and the Fujitsu fi-6140Z archive scanner accompanies various savvy features.

The scanning settings on the Fujitsu fi-6140Z record scanner will probably surely progress thanks to this innovative programming. This will make it simple to arrange group programming and assess employment status. The Fujitsu fi-6140Z archive scanner has a significant improvement over its predecessor as well. The Fujitsu fi-6140Z archive scanner also has the new ScandAll PRO component, which increases the possibility of scanning. In a variety of scanning scenarios, the Fujitsu fi-6140Z report scanner offers exceptional feed reliability and operating economics.

For speedier cluster scanning, its capability has been enhanced. This is done in order to group user-defined units of image data from several website sources. This also has the benefit of improving the accuracy of archive data extraction using the Fujitsu fi-6140Z report scanner’s OCR. The Fujitsu fi-6140Z archive scanner can digitize archives into the highest quality photos by scanning A4-hued documents at 60 ppm (120 ipm).

Fujitsu fi-6140Z Driver Support

For top-notch outcomes, use the Fujitsu fi-6140Z record scanner with outstanding performance. In addition, the most recent version of Kofax VRS is compatible with the Fujitsu fi-6140Z archive scanner. With this capability, users may manage the majority of the system’s scanners from a single spot. This will significantly reduce the cost and labour involved in operating, maintaining, and extending a large-scale scanner network.

Working ability with the Fujitsu fi-6140Z report scanner, generally speaking, from blended record loads and increments. With one of the most cutting-edge paper partition advancements in its class, the Fujitsu fi-6140Z record scanner can compete with the best. As a result, the detachment capacity of this Fujitsu fi-6140Z document scanner has been upgraded.

The division sheet used by the Fujitsu fi-6140Z archive scanner has a printed standard tag and patch code on it. Clients of the Fujitsu fi arrangement will likely do digitizing tasks with a simple one that doesn’t call for specific scan settings. Users of homes and small offices love the ScanSnap arrangement item because it provides a simple “One Touch” activity.

Installation Video for Fujitsu fi-6140Z Driver Support

Installation procedure:

  1. Printer Driver Disk or Download driver file below.
  2. Set up the printer by running the Add Printer Wizard.
  3. The procedure described here assumes that Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10 Edition is already running.
    a. Select “Start” -> “Control Panel” -> “Hardware and Sound” -> “Printers”.
    b. Select <Add a printer> from the printer folder.
    c. Select <Add a local printer> when the <Add Printer> wizard is displayed

Fujitsu fi-6140Z Driver Support for Windows :

LinksSoftware Name
Fujitsu PaperStream IP (TWAIN)
LinksSoftware Name
Fujitsu PaperStream IP (ISIS) Bundle
LinksSoftware Name
Fujitsu PaperStream Capture Update
LinksSoftware Name
2D Barcode for PaperStream 1.1.1 Update
LinksSoftware Name
Fujitsu ScanSnap Manager for fi Series 1.0.12 Update
LinksSoftware Name
Fujitsu ScandAll PRO V2.1.5 Update


If the links above are not online anymore, please refer to the official fujitsu website to download Fujitsu fi-6140Z Driver Support

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